Proposing National Plan for arts, culture and creativity 

27 May 2021

Independent think tank A New Approach (ANA) has proposed that a ‘National Arts, Culture and Creativity Plan’ be developed to supercharge the industry’s recovery from Covid-19.

It would follow the existing Federal Government 2030 plans for agriculture, sport, innovation, tourism and defence technology,

The call for the 2030 national plan is included in ANA’s new analysis paper, Imagining 2030, which outlines the common elements of the Federal Government’s existing 2030 plans and shows how they could be applied to a ‘National Arts, Culture and Creativity Plan’.

ANA CEO Kate Fielding said “A National Arts, Culture and Creativity Plan is a practical way for the Federal Government to facilitate more coherent and effective public and private investments across these industries.”

“Our cultural and creative industries are among the hardest hit by the pandemic. While all Australian governments have provided support, a coordinated approach is required to assist with the cultural and creative industries.”

The paper proposes a development process and inclusions for a plan, noting that the current Parliamentary Inquiry into Cultural and Creative Industries and Institutions has provided up-to-date industry intelligence to inform the next steps.

“Any process would need to involve wide consultation, not only with creators, but with all of the stakeholders along the arts and cultural value chain,” said Ms Fielding.

“A National Arts, Culture and Creativity Plan which integrates the perspectives of investors, producers, distributors and consumers, and reflects the demographics and values of contemporary Australia, will be a constructive step forward in generating social, economic, employment and cultural benefits, and will significantly embolden our national cultural life.”

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