ANA’s Analysis Papers involve short investigation of specific idea or area of interest. 

Friend, foe or frenemy: Foreseeable impacts of AI on arts, culture and creativity
This paper demonstrates the depth and diversity of existing applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in arts, culture and creativity, explores its current and foreseeable impacts, and highlights the need for enhanced understanding and governance. AI is already changing the way people connect with arts and culture around the world, and its risks need to be balanced with the opportunities that it presents. ANA welcomes efforts from governments to design, implement and support appropriate AI governance, and highlights the important role that people have in shaping the impacts of AI.
Intergenerational arts and culture: Lessons across middle Australia
The purpose of this Analysis Paper is to summarise attitudes on arts, culture and creativity among cohorts of middle Australians aged 18–75, drawing on ANA’s middle Australia Insight Report series. The paper compares, contrasts and synthesises the findings of the middle Australia series to present the key similarities and differences across three generations. It also draws on the recommendations from ANA’s broader research program, updating them for 2023 and beyond.
Twenty-first century priorities for Australian arts and culture policy: What's new? What's endured? What's next?
This Analysis Paper explores what Australians believe about arts and culture and what they expect from their national leaders in this space. We summarise the emerging trends as well as foundational principles that should inform the ambitious and bold national settings that Australia needs for a truly 21st century approach to arts and culture. Informed by these foundations and trends, this paper also outlines the priorities for change, to ensure all Australians have opportunities to participate in and benefit from a vibrant cultural life.
Imagining 2030: Preparing for a National Arts, Culture and Creativity Plan
ANA’s first Analysis paper, Imagining 2030, unpacks what a National Arts, Culture and Creativity Plan could look like, and how it could be developed, by exploring a number of existing Australian 2030 plans. We look at what they include, what processes brought them into existence, and what they have in common, so that those learnings can be applied to the development of a National Arts, Culture and Creativity Plan in the future.

New Approach acknowledges that it meets, works and travels on the lands of First Nations peoples. We pay our respects to Elders past and present, and to all First Nations peoples.