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Enduring Foundations, Bold Ambition
Online 12:00 pm October 19, 2021

What arts and culture policy settings does Australia need for the 21st Century?

Australians are increasingly reporting that arts and culture are a critical and valued part of their life and are looking for policy leadership that recognises this. We also know that Australia’s arts and culture sector is at a crossroads. We now have a unique opportunity to shape the change being driven by Covid-19 and use strategic investment to transform and embolden our cultural landscape to serve our contemporary public. So how do we do this? Join Rupert Myer AO, Kate Fielding, Professor John Daley AM, Cara Kirkwood and Jo Higgins as they explore the enduring foundations of arts and culture policy and practice in Australia, emerging trends accelerated by Covid-19, and priorities for change ahead of the federal election to ensure all Australians have opportunities to participate in and benefit from a vibrant cultural life.

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