Arts and culture made evident.

New Approach (ANA), Australia’s leading arts and culture think tank, has shown through independent research and analysis, that Australians from every walk of life participate in and benefit from arts, culture and creativity.  
New Approach (ANA), Australia’s leading arts and culture think tank, has shown through independent research and analysis, that Australians from every walk of life participate in and benefit from arts, culture and creativity.  

Our work informs discussion, inspires public policy and brings together decision makers and industry leaders around evidence-led ideas and pathways for pragmatic action.  

Our board, staff, expert advisors and philanthropic partners are rigorous and collegial as they make evident the value and opportunities of Australian arts, culture and creativity.

Read our latest Insight Report 'Accelerate: Reframing culture’s role in productivity' 

Arts, culture and creativity can accelerate productivity growth and contribute to solving Australia’s complex productivity problem. This report analyses international and Australian evidence to understand the contribution of culture and creativity to productivity and demonstrate it can be enhanced through integrated, innovative policy design.

Watch or read Rupert Myer AO's National Press Club Address, 'Becoming Cultural Powerhouse' 

A New Approach (ANA) Chair, Rupert Myer AO, delivered an Address to the National Press Club on Wednesday 15 November, 2023, where he spoke of his ambition for Australia to become a global cultural powerhouse.

Insight Report The Next Generation of Voters: Young middle Australians talk Arts, Culture & Creativity
Young middle Australians view arts and cultural experiences as being woven into the very fabric of everyday life. They don’t associate arts and culture with elitism.
Insight Report Behind the Scenes: Drivers of Arts and Cultural Policy Settings in Australia and Beyond
If we want our public and private investments in arts and culture to be effective and relevant, then the motivations we have for that investment matter.
Insight Report A View from Middle Australia: Perceptions of Arts, Culture and Creativity
Middle Australians are selective about what forms of arts and culture they engage with but perhaps not in the ways you might imagine.
Insight Report The Big Picture: Public Expenditure on Artistic, Cultural and Creative Activity in Australia
It is well-established that engaging in cultural and creative activities helps us develop a sense of belonging, forges social cohesion, stimulates curiosity and the ability to engage with different perspectives.

New Approach acknowledges that it meets, works and travels on the lands of First Nations peoples. We pay our respects to Elders past and present, and to all First Nations peoples.