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New Approach (ANA), Australia’s national arts and culture think tank, has shown through independent research and analysis that Australians from every walk of life participate in and benefit from arts, culture and creativity.  
New Approach (ANA), Australia’s national arts and culture think tank, has shown through independent research and analysis that Australians from every walk of life participate in and benefit from arts, culture and creativity.  

Our work informs discussion, inspires public policy and brings together decision makers and industry leaders around evidence-led ideas and pathways for pragmatic action.  

Our Board, staff, expert advisors and Philanthropic Partners are rigorous and collegial as they make evident the value and opportunities of Australian arts, culture and creativity.

Read our latest Insight Report 'The Big Picture 4: Expenditure on Artistic, Cultural and Creative activity by governments in Australia in 2007–08 to 2021–22' 

With social cohesion in Australia at its lowest on record and households facing ongoing cost of living pressures, support for communities to reconnect through cultural events and creative experiences is crucial. This report is the fourth in ANA’s Big Picture series that examines the long-term trends in arts and cultural investment by all three levels of government in Australia, and identifies strategic and structural opportunities for change. It shows that while Australia’s three levels of government increased their total investment in arts and culture by 4% in 2021–22, government investment is still not keeping pace with population growth or with Australia’s OECD peers. 

Watch or read Rupert Myer AO's National Press Club Address, 'Becoming Cultural Powerhouse' 

A New Approach (ANA) Chair, Rupert Myer AO, delivered an Address to the National Press Club on Wednesday 15 November, 2023, where he spoke of his ambition for Australia to become a global cultural powerhouse.

Insight Report To Scale: Mapping Financial Inflows in Australian Arts, Culture and Creativity
ANA’s research dispels a view – a ‘myth’, even – that Australian cultural and creative industries are predominantly financed through government assistance.
Analysis Paper Friend, foe or frenemy: Foreseeable impacts of AI on arts, culture and creativity
Behind each story of ‘artificial’ intelligence are the people who develop systems and the people who apply those systems to create, mediate, distribute and regulate art and culture.
Analysis Paper Intergenerational arts and culture: Lessons across middle Australia
The voices of middle Australia should give arts and culture stakeholders the confidence to act boldly and urgently in their actions to support the development of a rich cultural life for all Australians.
Insight Report The Big Picture 3: Expenditure on Artistic, Cultural and Creative activity by governments in Australia in 2007–08 to 2020–21
Australia is still spending less as a share of GDP on recreation, culture and religion compared to most of its OECD peers, ranking 23rd of 31 OECD countries in 2020 in this internationally comparable area of government spending.

New Approach acknowledges that it meets, works and travels on the lands of First Nations peoples. We pay our respects to Elders past and present, and to all First Nations peoples.