Australia’s first Wellbeing Framework recognises culture and creativity 

21 July 2023

Arts and culture think tank A New Approach (ANA) welcomes the recognition of the benefits of arts, culture and creativity in Australia’s first wellbeing framework.

The Federal Government today released Measuring What Matters: Australia’s First Wellbeing Framework, which includes ‘creative and cultural engagement’ as one of 50 metrics to track progress in Australia.

The statement accompanying the framework noted: “Participation in creative and cultural activities enriches people’s lives and can also have broader positive social and economic impacts.”

ANA CEO Kate Fielding said arts, culture and creativity had rightly earned their place in a new national conversation about quality of life.

“Cultural and creative engagement is part of a ‘good’ life for most Australians and contributes to the things that matter – enrichment, belonging, meaning, prosperity, health and wellbeing,” she said.

“Our research drawing on the views of everyday Australians shows it is a vital part of their lives – in fact they see it as essential to being human.”

In focus groups right across the country, middle Australians aged 18 to 75 in outer suburban and regional communities have identified wide-ranging positive outcomes from creative and cultural engagement for both individuals and communities, including benefits to the economy, physical and mental health, social cohesion, and innovation.

Ms Fielding said she was encouraged by the framework’s data-led approach and its use to help inform future policy.

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About the ‘middle’ Australia Series

The ‘middle’ Australia Series is a three-year national study exploring how ‘middle’ Australians aged 18-75 really feel about arts and culture. ANA defines ‘middle’ Australians as politically unaligned voters from low and middle income households in outer suburbs and regional Australia. Find our reports here: The Next Generation of Voters: Young middle Australians talk Arts, Culture & Creativity (aged 18-29), A  View  from  Middle  Australia:  Perceptions  of  Arts,  Culture  and  Creativity (aged 35-60) and Lifelong:  Perceptions  of  Arts  and  Culture  among  Baby  Boomer  Middle  Australians (aged 58-75)

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