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RE: Address by Arts Minister Hon Paul Fletcher MP ‘Why do we fund the arts?’

A New Approach (ANA) today welcomed the Australian Government’s focus on the arts and culture sector and their recognition that it is time for a reimagining of the purpose and priorities of investments.

In an address to the Sydney Institute, Minister Fletcher outlined a set of priorities and investment rationales as well as referencing the opportunity for an updated approach to this important area of public policy.

CEO of ANA Kate Fielding said “We welcome the Minister’s engagement on these important issues. In our calls for a National Arts, Culture and Creativity Plan, ANA are seeking a practical way for the Australian Government to facilitate more coherent and effective investments, as well as legislative, regulatory and policy settings. The speech by the Minister sets the scene for the sector to fully engage on these critical issues.”

Minister Fletcher referenced ANA’s research on attitudes to arts, culture and creativity amongst ‘middle Australians’, defined as middle-aged, middle-income swing voters.

Ms Fielding said “This research revealed middle Australians are passionate about the role of arts and culture in their lives, and have clear views about the opportunities that arts and culture create for them, for their families, and for society more broadly.” 

The middle Australia research is available at

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